Ginkgo Dining Chair
A three-legged very stable and comfortable chair that can be used around a dining table or at a desk - the compact shape is designed to give excellent ergonomic support even when leaning forward to eat or to use a computer.
“The wood in Gifu is especially wonderful and the craftsmen at Nissin are some of the best in the world. I knew that whatever we designed together was going to be very special.”

When making large furniture pieces, makers often get left with a lot of high-quality wood offcuts. The wood in Gifu is especially wonderful so we conceived the Ginkgo collection to utilise the beautiful pieces that were in Nissin’s offcuts storage area. Although this requires more work than using large pieces would, it reduces wastage of an otherwise wonderful material. I see this approach as being in line with the tradition of Japanese woodcraft and greatly enjoy the mix of colours in the resulting products.

Our Gingko chair is striking is its three legged design. I have always felt that a three legged chair can make more sense than a four legged one – on uneven ground or when clustered around a dining table; I also personally find them more comfortable. Furthermore they are more compact to stack and you can get more chairs around a table, which should please restauranteurs as well as people living in small homes!

We also have designed a range of dining tables to complete the Gingko range, as well as my favourite, which is an especially minimal, compact writing desk for use with a computer or TV. It features a comfortable soft triangular shape that fits in the corner of a room, to maximise floor space. I think it would be an amazing format in a modern office space or a school as they cluster together well!


Located in the centre of the Takayama furniture-making district, Nissin has been designing and producing furniture for over 60 years. From the choice of sustainable wood to the final hand finishing Nissin controls every aspect of the manufacturing process, enabling them to confidently give each and every one of their products a 10-year guarantee of quality.


Nissin believe that simplicity is key when combining contemporary design with outstanding craftsmanship and that the beauty comes not only from function, but also from the materials and skill that go into making a piece.


Partly inspired by the leaves of the grand ginkgo tree in Hida Takayama that is over 1,200 years old, the Ginkgo Collection features a distinctive 3-sided shape that forms products for dining, living and working. Not only does the comfortable, ergonomic three-legged chair use less material, the design also allows several chairs to fit neatly around a table making it ideal for small restaurants and compact homes. The collection takes a sustainable approach to furniture construction, utilising production offcuts of premium oak that provide an individual and attractive pattern unique to each piece.

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