Sebastian Conran Gifu Collection


Sebastian Conran Gifu Collection


A unique collaboration between Sebastian Conran’s London design studio and 16 traditional makers.

The Sebastian Conran Gifu Collection is the result of a unique and ongoing collaboration between Sebastian Conran’s London design studio and 16 traditional makers based in the beautiful, natural surroundings of Gifu, Japan.

The collection celebrates a rich and diverse craft heritage that dates back 1,300 years, combining traditional Japanese techniques with an original and contemporary international design ethos. Inspired by Gifu past and present, the collection features hand-glazed ceramics, finger-jointed woods, washi papers and sharpened steel.



Nagara Collection

Prints which pay homage to both the iconic Gifu Nagara river, as well as the Amida waterfalls which inspired the famous Hokusai painting of the same name.

Kaneko Kohyo

Porcelain Serveware

Inspired by the traditional architecture and woodworking native to the Hida-Takayama region; an area heavily influenced by cultures of Kyoto and Tokyo in the Edo period.


Kanji Collection

The ‘Kanji collection is a celebration of the beautiful graphic nature of bent iron rod.

Shizu Hamono

Kitchen Knives

Constructed from Damascus steel and carved hardwood handles, the knives feature a faceted ergonomic angled profile, inspired by the folded paper forms of origami.

Ohashi Ryoki

Hinoki Storage Collection

Inspired by the history of the Japanese Masu finger-jointed box the Hinoki Storage collection offers a flexible range of interconnecting storage.


Oboeru Collection

The collection features Mino Washi papers, greetings cards and screen-printed notebooks, combined with traditional binding techniques and gold leafing.